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ICSE Class-6

ICSE Class 6

ICSE Class 6 is one of the most significant years of a student’s academic career, as they gain proficiency with the most essential concepts. The CISCE devise a well-planned prospectus so that the students are acquainted with some critical points. Additionally, understanding the prospectus and rules helps students get better prepared for the tests.

The subject specialists at Forward set up the accompanying review materials for the Class 6 students of the ICSE board. These review materials are created with extreme attention to detail and legitimate references. From the prospectus to test papers and significant inquiries, these review materials cover everything.

Class 6 students studying in ICSE affiliated schools, can now access a huge resource of study material, optimised for the ICSE board on this platform. Class 6 students studying under the ICSE curriculum have an all-inclusive syllabus for subjects like Science, Math, English and Hindi. At Forward, it is ensured that Class 6 students do not have to look elsewhere for any sort of academic guidance.

ICSE is one of the renowned educational boards in India, falling under the CISCE. Students have to be well aware of the subjects to be studied before the academic year of Class 6 begins. It is very important to learn the basic concepts of the subjects mentioned below to excel in the future.


ICSE Board does not provide ICSE Books for Class 6 students and students can study from any reference book as per their choice. They can refer to books such as Selina, ML Aggarwal etc., for their studies. These ICSE books for Class 6 will help them cover the syllabus prescribed by the council and in the revision for the following subjects.


ICSE has prepared a syllabus for the students of Class 6 in a manner that helps them to understand the important concepts of every subject. ICSE syllabus Class 6 maintains a healthy approach that educates young kids to develop qualities and skills appropriately. The Class 6 ICSE syllabus holds fundamental aspects for subjects like Science and Math that assist in the learning process to understand the complex concepts that will appear in higher standards.

The language skills of the students are improved with subjects like English and different regional languages. With subjects such as History and Geography, students get to know about their country as well as the world. Overall, the ICSE syllabus for Class 6 has been prepared considering the students.

ICSE board has carved out a detailed syllabus for Class 6 covering a wide range of topics, fundamental to the concepts of higher classes. The syllabus guides the students during the academic session and imparts the required knowledge of the subject to students.

How is the ICSE Syllabus of Class 6 Helpful for the Students?

The ICSE board prepares a suitable syllabus along with question papers, sample papers and other relevant study materials based on the educational needs of a Class 6 student. ICSE Class 6 syllabus is a well-structured learning resource for the students from every aspect. The board evaluates and updates the syllabus depending upon the educational necessities of the students. In short, the ICSE syllabus of Class 6 guides students in their academic sessions and imparts essential learning and knowledge to students.


There are a total of seven chapters of mathematics in the ICSE syllabus for Class 6. These are mentioned below.

Topic 1:                        

Number System

A. Numbers B. Natural numbers 

and Whole numbers C. Fractions

 D. Playing with numbers

Topic 2:    Ratio and Proportion
Topic 3:    Algebra
Topic 4:          

Geometry A. Basic geometrical 

ideas (2-D) B. Constructions 

(using Straight edge Scale, protractor, compasses) 

C.Understanding Elementary

 Shapes (2-D and 3-D)

Topic 5:   Mensuration
Topic 6:  Data Handling


Topic 1: Plant Life
Topic 2:The Cell
Topic 3:Human Body
Topic 4:Health and Hygiene


Topic 1:            Introduction to Chemistry Elements
Topic 2:Compounds and Mixtures
Topic 3:Matter


Topic 1:              Physical Quantities and Measurement
Topic 2:Force
Topic 3:Energy
Topic 4:Light
Topic 5:Magnetism


Recommended Books for ICSE Class 6


Selina Solutions for Class 6 Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics are provided to study. Go through our Selina Solutions to score more in your board exam.

1. Selina Solutions for Selina Concise Mathematics – Middle School for Class 6

2. Selina Solutions for Selina Concise Chemistry – Middle School for Class 6

3. Selina Solutions for Selina Concise Biology– Middle School for Class 6 ICSE

4. Selina Solutions for Selina Concise Physics – Middle School for Class 6 ICSE 


Key Features of Selina Solutions:

1. All Selina Solutions are Free, Accurate, and Easy to understand for Class 6 ICSE      

2. Questions and Answers of all Chapters for an all-important subject for Class 6 ICSE

3. Answers have been given in easy and understandable language for Class 6 ICSE

4. Very useful for quick revisions while preparing for board examinations and unit tests for Class 6 ICSE

Students are suggested to study Selina solutions for all the subjects. They will get notes, sample papers, question papers and solutions for exams for the best learning experience.

While you are preparing for most exams, it is important to complete your syllabus. Another important part is effectively utilizing your time. Preparation for exams should begin earlier so that you always get a chance to revise your studies.

Start To Study Early: No person can study the entire portion a day before their examination. We should know that it is important to finish the entire portion at least a few weeks before the examination. This will give us time to revise the portion. Reading the Selina Textbook can help you a lot.

Organize Yourself: You should be organised in a way that you know the portion which needs to be covered every day. It is important to make a plan for how many days you have to finish your studies. So that you can have enough time left to revise as well. Also solving questions can help a long way.

Now it is time for some actual study: Make brief points that help you in recollecting the entire concept. This could be prepared while he/ she is referring to the Selina textbook. Once you finish reading, mark all the points which are difficult and read them once more to understand them better.


1. Why should a student solve Selina Solutions?

Selina ICSE books are important in the journey of an ICSE Student. In these books, the chapters are categorised very well. this is very helpful for students. To get good grades, it is a very good practice to be prepared and Solving Selina Solutions help in this.

2. Does Selina Solutions and Concise Books help in the ICSE board exam?

Yes, Selina Solutions and Concise Books help in the ICSE board exam in a big way. they can help a student understand the concepts better.

3. Why should I solve Selina Solutions?

Solving Selina Solutions provides the perfect practice required to understand your knowledge of those concepts in ICSE. By doing this a student increases the chance of scoring big.


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The secret to cracking any exam is diligent preparation and sample papers are one such study material that can help the students in better preparation. The sample papers for class 6 of ICSE is intended to make the students aware of the exam pattern, and the various types of questions that might be asked in the examination.

ICSE Class 6 Biology Sample Papers
ICSE Class 6 Chemistry Sample Papers
ICSE Class 6 Physics Sample Papers
ICSE Class 6 Mathematics Sample Papers


Important Questions for Class 6 are useful to support the students for the adequate preparation of exams. By understanding and solving the important questions of different subjects like Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc., the students will be able to get an idea about the important topics and questions that shouldn’t be missed.

ICSE Class 6 Biology Important Questions
ICSE Class 6 Chemistry Important Questions
ICSE Class 6 Physics Important Questions
ICSE Class 6 Mathematics Important Questions