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CBSE Class-8

CBSE Class 8

CBSE Class 8 is one of the most pivotal and beneficial positions in a student’s academic career. If you aim to score well in your further grades, you need to be clear with understanding all basic elements of this particular class since it is quite essential for your future studies. For every subject in CBSE Class 8, the student must understand the concepts in detail because the knowledge levels of the upcoming grades will be dependent on this very class. So, say YES to happy learning and NO to pre-exam pressures!

CBSE Class 8: Subjects

Here are the subjects for CBSE Class 8 which is updated and included in the syllabus. All the subjects mentioned below are a must learn for the students in class 8 to get themselves promoted to the next grade.


In CBSE Class 8, the students learn many new fundamentals of Mathematics. They will have a clear notion about the syllabus structure and the marking scheme for the entire academic year. This will help them to prepare in a better way with proper instructions and knowledge.


Have you ever wondered how reproduction in plants takes place? Or how does our body function? Curious, isn’t it? In Biology of Class 8, get introduced to such interesting topics. We also provide video solutions along with the syllabus that will help the students in studying Biology.


Class 8 Chemistry is the beginning of knowing Chemistry in depth. It is a subject that consists of theoretical as well as numerical questions. For an effective study plan, you need to learn what is there in CBSE Class 8 Chemistry in detail.


In class 8 of the CBSE board helps the students understand the world around us more prominently. But before that, one needs to understand the syllabus properly and the concepts associated with it. So, get ready for a better understanding!

Get ready to know about metals and non-metals and their different properties in this curriculum.

CBSE Class 8: Syllabus

To help the students in their academics, we have provided the CBSE Class 8 Math and Science syllabus for the year 2021-2022. The students can plan their studies and clear their doubts from their teacher in the next class. While studying they can refer to this syllabus and keep a track of the topics they have covered till now.


Name of the Topic Chapter Number
Rational Numbers Chapter 1
Linear Equations in One Variable Chapter 2
Understanding Quadrilaterals Chapter 3
Practical Geometry Chapter 4
Data Handling Chapter 5
Squares and Square Roots Chapter 6
Cubes and Cube Roots Chapter 7
Comparing Quantities Chapter 8
Algebraic Expressions and Identities Chapter 9
Visualizing Solid Shapes Chapter 10
Mensuration Chapter 11
Exponents and Powers Chapter 12
Direct and Inverse Proportions Chapter 13
Factorization Chapter 14
Introduction to Graphs Chapter 15
Playing with Numbers Chapter 16


Name of the Topic Chapter Number
Chapter 1- Crop Production and Management Chapter 1
Chapter 2- Microorganisms: Friend and Foe Chapter 2
Chapter 3- Synthetic Fibres and Plastics Chapter 3
Chapter 4- Materials: Metals and Non Metals Chapter 4
Chapter 5- Coal and Petroleum Chapter 5
Chapter 6- Combustion and Flame Chapter 6
Chapter 7- Conservation of Plants and Animals Chapter 7
Chapter 8- Cell: Structure and Functions Chapter 8
Chapter 9- Reproduction in Animals Chapter 9
Chapter 10- Reaching the Age of Adolescence Chapter 10
Chapter 11- Force and Pressure Chapter 11
Chapter 12- Friction Chapter 12
Chapter 13- Sound Chapter 13
Chapter 14- Chemical Effects of Electric Current Chapter 14
Chapter 15- Some Natural Phenomena Chapter 15
Chapter 16- Light Chapter 16
Chapter 17- Star and the Solar System Chapter 16
Chapter 18- Pollution of Air and Water Chapter 16

CBSE Class 8: Study Material

CBSE study materials help students prepare efficiently for their exams and achieve better results. These study materials are prepared as per the latest syllabus of the CBSE board for Class 8.

What Forward Offers?


CBSE Class 8: NCERT Solutions

Below are the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Math and Science, for making the preparation hassle-free and a lot more exciting!

CBSE Class 8: Important Questions

Get the most important CBSE Class 8 Mathematics and Science questions, secured from Math and Science experts all over India.
At Forward get the accurate questions along with the correct pattern to score the maximum in your class 8th Math examination.

CBSE Class 8: Exam Preparation Sheets

Exam sheets are an important resource for Class 8 students for study purposes because they get to practice the questions that may be asked in the final exam.

CBSE Class 8: Video Solutions

Solving the textbook solutions through audio-visual lectures help students with a tremendous amount of confidence and hence achieve better results.

CBSE Class 8: Sample Papers
Practice makes not only a man but everyone perfect! And when it comes to Math, it needs more and more practice. So, we have provided below a set of Sample Papers just for the students of class 8 to be a master in Math and sit for their exams confidently.

CBSE Class 8: Exclusive Instructions

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Furthermore, the below instructions might be helpful:
Solving sample paper regularly

A clear understanding of the concepts and topics

Preparation should be as per the syllabus in the subject textbook

Students should be well-versed with the entire syllabus before preparation

CBSE Class 8 Videos

Learn in detail about the consequences of sowing wheat in Kharif season from our Forward mentor “Shravan Lodhi” in just 1 minute.

Learn about How Fossil fuels are Exhaustible Natural Resources from our Forward mentor “Paritosh Rao” in just 2 minutes.

Learn the reason behind “not keeping Lemon pickle in Aluminium Utensil” from our Forward mentor “Ankush Garg” in just 1 minute.

Cube root of number is a value which when multiplied by itself thrice or three times produces the original value. In this video, we will use the method of prime factorization for solving cubes and cube roots.

“Understand Preparation of Soil” from our Forward mentor “Shravan Lodhi” in just 2 minutes.

Learn to express a number in “Standard Form” from our Forward mentor “Paritosh Rao” in just 1 minute.

Learn about the difference between a zygote & fetus from our Forward mentor “Shravan Lodhi” in just 3 minutes.

Learn to solve problem sums of  “Exponents & Powers” from our Forward mentor “Paritosh Rao” in just 2 minutes.