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CBSE Biology Class 10th

CBSE Biology Class 10

CBSE Class 10 is the very phase of a students’ life that shapes their future. It is the CBSE board class 10 result that decides whether the students will be able to get a preferred stream in 11th Class. Class 10 board exam is thus one of the very first milestones in a students’ life.

Class 10 has always been a grade that required extra focus and now with the release of the new, reduced syllabus by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in a post-pandemic world, students need to gear with quicky with the changes. The relaxation in the previous syllabus is definitely to reduce burden, but students’ need to get a clear idea of what’s next and hence should strategize their study routine accordingly.

The CBSE course structure is designed in a manner to ensure that students do not go through a lot of pressure, moreover, books are made interactive and interesting for students to enjoy their studies. A lot of fun activities are included in between the chapters to help students learn in a playful way. It makes the process of conveying knowledge to the students efficient and healthy.

Chapter-6  Life Process

A basic introduction of nutrition, respiration, transport, and excretion is discussed here with relation to Plants and Animals . Also, a set of activities and examples are provided for better understanding purposes.

Chapter-7  Control and Coordination

This chapter explains the various control and coordination movements in both plants and animals with examples. The topics like voluntary, involuntary, and reflex actions, etc are discussed in this chapter.

Chapter-8  How do Organisms Reproduce?

The topics like how organisms reproduce, do organisms create exact copies of themselves, modes of reproduction used by single organisms, sexual reproduction, etc are a few topics covered in this chapter. Also, childbearing, methods of family planning, HIV/AIDS are a few concepts covered in this chapter.

Chapter-9  Heredity and Evolution

Fundamental concepts of evolution, Mendel’s contribution—Trait inheritance laws, sex determination, comparative anatomy and morphology, fossils, human evolution, etc are a few topics covered in this chapter.

Chapter-15  Our Environment

Waste production, Biodegradable and non-biodegradable substances, their definitions, and advantages, Ozone depletion, etc are the topics covered here.

Chapter-16  Management of Natural Resources

Big dams -their definitions, advantages, Coal and Petroleum conservation, Water harvesting, etc along with activities and pictorial representation for better understanding.

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Chapter 6- Life Processes

Chapter 7- Control and Coordination

Chapter 8- How do Organisms Reproduce
Chapter 9- Heredity and Evolution
Chapter 15- Our Environment

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